Founded in 2016 by Steven Kratochwil & Thomas Felten, Bella Woodwork Design, LLC is a 100% Custom Woodworking Shop, focusing on producing one of a kind Handmade Hardwood Products. Be it a custom Dining Table, A Butcher Block island top, a custom designed & built cabinet organization system, or any of the other products offered are 100% handmade, built from 100% solid wood, and 100% locally sourced from the majestic Hudson Valley.

Based out of Pine Bush NY, both Steve and Tom thrive on building one of a kind custom pieces that are built to the highest level of craftsmanship. Making sure to stay true to the classic techniques of woodworking and joinery, the young entrepreneurs are also trying to introduce the beauty and talent of true handmade craftsmanship to the younger demographic of today’s society. Their beautiful works of art are not only useful now, but are built to be handed down from generation to generation. BWD intends for every hand built piece to be a noble family heirloom.