As is sit in my kitchen writing this, I am trying to figure out where the last month or so has gone.  I feel like we just got back from vacationing in Tennessee with a brief stop in Maryland a month ago, when in all reality it was back in the beginning of August.  Between the days and weeks flying by, and the unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing in the Northeast lately, Fall is upon us and in some locations actually already peaked and transitioning towards winter.  That means that along with some cold weather and maybe some white stuff falling from the sky in parts of the country, that the blessed holiday season is also right around the corner.

For me, the holidays represent the true meaning of Family and Love.  I truly feel blessed when we all get together for the holidays, even though like every other family out there, we all have our moments when we test each others patience.  As Thanksgiving gets closer, the team at Bella Woodwork Design LLC hopes that you all can be fortunate enough to get together with your family, large or small, to enjoy the company of one another and bask in the greatness of life itself.

PS – our cutting board line, available to order on our etsy page, make great gifts for the holidays, and we can ship anywhere within the continental US.

or search us on – BellaWoodworkDesign


carving board

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